Are you having problems coping with ANXIETY?

30 Techniques for coping with anxiety

Easy exercises that will help you with your anxiety

2 Brazilian psychologists that wanted to bring you 30 powerful techniques that can and will help you cope with anxiety during a crises episode and also on the day to day for a better life style.


Suddenly the anxiety arrived…

One day you realized that you were worried about things out of your control. “ But that is normal, right?” – you thought to yourself. However, you started to experience anxiety crises when you least expected it, on a supermarket line, before going to sleep, or while alone at home.

Sometimes it is a feeling that something bad is going to happen, other times is a constant fear or something you don’t know what it is.

For just:

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This E-book are for those who:

Are bothered with anxiety and don’t know what to do when the anxiety hits.

Need something that teaches what to do “before”, “during” and “post” an anxiety episode.

Want simple and organized exercises.

Want an easy handbook consultation

Feel that the anxious thoughts are uncontrollable.

Are a health care professional and would like to learn exercises that can better help your clients.


Want to learn more about techniques and mindfulness for coping with anxiety

How much you value your mental health?

30 Techniques for coping with Anxiety cost less than $1.40 per technique.

What am I going to find in this E-book?

In this E-book you are going to find simple yet powerful exercises so you can start your journey of coping with Anxiety.

This E-book is a consultation guide with 30 Techniques that you can save in your phone to use anytime you need it.

Remember that no book can substitute a therapeutic process with a licensed mental health professional. However, this e-book will help you to cope with your daily anxiety.


Receive the e-book in pdf right away.

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USD 39,90

Less than 1.40 per technique.